Thursday, October 17, 2013

what we have to remember

The leaves had just turned a deep red,  lookin' kinda like rust. 
The air had thinned and gotten cold, the wind was stirrin' up dust. 
Just about that time of year when a sciff of snow usually came
but that storm blew in a mile a minute. No storm in the past was the same. 
People all around didn't believe it, those days that followed the mess,
the cows in piles and sheep there too, brought on loss and stress. 
Our neighbor lost every single head, he'd finally paid them off last year. 
They'd have to sell out and move to town, a "sorry" didn't feel enough sincere. 
When the snow finally began to melt, and folks began to clean things up, 
it wasn't strange to see stiff men with tears in their eyes that were swollen up. 
It was about that time it happened, kind of like light at the tunnel's end,
one by one they came, a nice note, a prayer, a meal from a friend. 
No, it didn't build back the herd and genetics, it didn't pay for next year's bill.
It didn't take away the carcasses or the pneumonia from the calves who were ill. 
What it did do was just as important, and we knew it came from the heart.
It gave us a smile, a "we've got your back" and that was really a great start. 
Don't get me wrong, we're not back on our feet, we know their's a long road ahead.
We could be down, throw our hands up and quit but we've chosen this mind instead. 
God does things for a reason, even though it'd make you sick trying to see it now.
We have to keep in mind, there's a lot more to life than me and my cows. 
You see, I'm here just for a short time, this earth is nothing permanent. 
God's plan for me is so much bigger and this is just one chapter of it. 
And so I'll keep on working, and doing what's right each day.
With His help I'll keep in mind though, it's not about the feed and the hay,
the land costs, the legislation, the amount of money owed to the bank, 
it's about the plans He has for me. Lord, help me remember that,  and thanks. 
- Trinity Lewis

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