Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We remember...

 We remember the moment we remember the call.
We remember the confusion and the shock of it all.
We remember the days that unfolded after.
Memories shared that evoked bittersweet laughter.
We remember the times and the neat things we learned.
We remember your dreams and the future you earned.
We even remember, though it’s still really hard,
That God had a plan in calling you home, pard.
We remember the way you’re enjoying things above.
We’ve learned a whole new kind of appreciation and love.
We had a chuckle on your birthday, or what would have been.
Lance Creek hadn’t gotten any rain for quite a spell and then,
Like someone special was giving God the idea to,
The rain poured like crazy and folks just smiled and knew.
We remember the days, especially for those to who you were especially close.
We miss you every day but these seem to hurt the most.
We have a whole new outlook on the value of life now, though.
We can’t take for granted that we never know whose turn it is to go.
So we’ll keep on doing just like we’ve done all year,
Just know stories and memories are still with us and we’ll always remember. 

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