Tuesday, October 29, 2013

this life is grand

The snows been a flyin' as I sit here I'm sighin' 
because of all the work that needs done. 
The cattle are millin' I'd like to be grillin'
and enjoyin' a long day in the warm summer sun. 
Instead I'm gatherin' and gettin' the cows in,
fall work is upon us and we ship today.
We've mended the fences, and for when the snow is the densest 
we've filled up the grainry and stacked all our hay.
Winter came early in our part of the country
we're glad for the moisture but this winter'll be long. 
We were caught by surprise when to a few calves demise
the weather just snapped and the warm days were gone. 
Our harvesting was cut short I'd like to retort 
but no one needs to hear my negative plea.
It's times like these when most, I have to almost boast
to remind myself of all the reasons this is the life for me. 
There's occupations I'd like less, and this life sure has a purpose,
I've got to remember all of the great things this livelihood offers. 
It's good horses I get to ride, my good cow dog by my side,
and knowin' that there's a hungry world that I'm here for. 
It's my kids bein' raised out on the pastures and plains
and spending evenings on the front porch with my wife. 
It's generations of an operation, passed down from men of admiration
and learning to look beyond the hard work and strife. 
It's friends over on Sundays and takin' the kids to play-days
teachin' them how to rope and till the land. 
The issues I face are just part of the race
and I'll run it full of thankfulness 'cuz gosh this life is grand. 
- Trinity Lewis

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