Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...formless and void

In a study I am doing with a couple of my closest sisters in Christ, we have been making our way from the beginning of the Bible all the way through. The problem with trying to do anything efficiently with women is, well there's the family stories, the long prayer requests, the laughs and the sweet Hawaiian tea that takes up a lot of our time :) . We don't mind though. We trudge along and one day we might even reach Revelations...or Exodus. Anyway, right now we are in the first part of Genesis. You know, where the earth is formless and void.
Interesting to think about isn't it. Formless and void. Definitions that fulfill those words are: completely empty, chaotic, without organization, confusion, lacking order, lost. Most of us know where the story goes from there though. God breaths life into things. He organizes them. Separates land from water, day from night etc. What about a life without God though? Well, it's just like the earth was before God stepped in.
When we try to run our own lives, we end up confused. We see people who we think "have it all together" but even mimicking their actions doesn't really get us anywhere. Our lives are unorganized, chaotic and when we boil it all down to the important things, they're mostly empty.
One of the biggest blessings in my life has been to see people who were "formless and void" but then found Christ. It is so much easier to structure your life when you have a great and mighty savior to try to align your life like. God doesn't have a specific law we have to be trapped under. That's the beauty of it. Under Him we have complete freedom. But because of His grace and his love we want to be more like Him so we hold ourselves to a different standard.
If your life is confused today, lacking order, completely empty or just lost, I'd encourage you to seek God. Seek His will. Just like he breathed order into the earth, when we focus on Him we can find order in our lives. More than that, our lives finally have a purpose!
I heard a quote recently "Every Christian is either a missionary or an impostor."  If you are a Christian and there's a whole lot of confusion in your life, you might ask "Am I being pruned? Is God testing me? OR have I wandered away from HIS will?" In a perfect world, non-believers would be able to look at Christians and know they were such by the way they acted. I'm afraid we've allowed so much mediocrity, so many luke-warm Christians that that perfect world idea is no more. But it can be. If you are a Christian reading this, I'd encourage you. It's time to start the change, be a missionary not an impostor.

- Trinity Lewis

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