Friday, October 25, 2013

living by faith

I don't think I have to ask very many people before I'd get a "Yes, I sure have" to a question I've been wondering lately. Have you ever been a little apprehensive about the future? Have you ever worried about what's coming next, how money will pencil out, if you've chosen the right steps to take thus far etc.? Likely, everyone has reached that point at one time or another in their life. 
We had a very special hill on the place we grew up on. I still remember it as the "steep hill" or the "scary hill." We'd have to go down it often times and when we would, although I never could see over the hood of the pickup anyway, it seemed like we were going right off the edge of the world. We were going off a cliff, I just knew it! But every time, my dad handled the hill with a lot of composure (and teasing because he knew we little people were nervous about it) and we'd drive safely down the big hill and get to the bottom. 
As I grew older, I realized that anything my dad would drive on with us kids in the pickup was safe. I knew that because he loves us and he'd proven his love time and time again. 
Just the other day I was driving down the road and letting myself get anxious for what was yet to come. I've been extremely nervous for family members of mine who were hit badly by the recent blizzard in Western South Dakota. What would they do next? Will they be able to go on? What about my career? Am I impacting people the way God wants me to? Almost as if in response to my negative thoughts and nervousness, a radio pastor began speaking about keeping our trust in God and in His plans. "Everyone has moments when they are nervous about what is to come. They might be concerned about finances, family matters or other issues that weigh heavy on their mind. Living by faith is not allowing ourselves to be caught up by those thoughts but to look back to the numerous times when God was faithful to us. When He carried us through our struggles and trials. That is living by faith." I'm quite certain I've heard similar sermons to that a million times. God knew I needed to hear it then, and I'm so blessed I did. It would take me hours to count all of the blessings and miracles I've witnessed God performing. There have been numerous times when I should have been without hope but I was able to remember God saving me from a similar situation. I let myself forget, all too quickly, that He made us in His own image. He loves us more than even the angels. 
As the radio sermon finished, I imagined what I must look like to God right about then. Probably, although on a much larger scale, the same way I looked to my dad when he would get ready to drive over "the big hill." All nervous and distraught, but he knew what was going to happen. He knew he'd keep me safe, and so does my Heavenly Father. And in that thought, I find my rest and peace...we just can't forget. 


  1. That's a great essay Trinity. It's a great reminder as we face hills and mountains of many kinds. Psalm 121 comes to mind - "I lift up my eyes to the hills, from where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber. Behold he who keeps you will neither slumber nor sleep."

    1. Mark, thank you so much for the encouragement. I sure do love that verse!