Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If country folks ran the government:

They'd know people are a lot like cows. If you feed them in the same place everyday, they'll develop a habit of showing up to that place everyday to receive feed. If you miss a few days of feedin' the cows will go out and find their own dinner.
They wouldn't need a computer ran healthcare program. Country folks help each other. "You need your leg put back together? I did that for a lamb once, come on over and bring the duck tape!"
They know that having trespassers on your place makes you vulnerable to a whole lot of things. They're not against guests, they just want the guests to shut the gates and respect their rules. Oh, and to ask permission to be there.
A vote would be fair, but if someone wasn't doing their job it'd be just like when the neighbor boy didn't do the chores when the country family was gone for the weekend. That neighbor boy wasn't ever asked to do the job again.
The NSA wouldn't be an issue. Folks in the country understand privacy. For protection you say? Well, they have a cabinet full of guns and they know how to use them.
I'd say hand the US over to ranchers so that they could handle things. The more I think about it though, country folks are too busy working and I'm afraid hard workers aren't too sought after out east...

Trinity Lewis

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