Friday, October 11, 2013


The wind whipped and the snow came fast. It was the wet and heavy kind. 
We'd finished up hayin' just a month before, so this storm caught us plain blind. 
We sat there sick as it dumped down, there wasn't a thing that we could do. 
The cattle were far out and not to be found until the skies were again blue. 
Let me tell ya a true tale about one rancher who has quite a story.
What happened to him, very sad but with hint of God's glory. 
You see he'd been caught in a terrible snow several years before
He thought he'd lost all and just when he felt he could take no more
One bred heifer came walking, unharmed, right out of the mess.
They called that little gal Hope because through her they were blessed. 
Now flashback to this week and the piles of snow and mounds of loss.
Things were looking so discouraging as he milled through it on his hoss. 
Another downed good lookin' heifer and a whole bunch of other cows. 
How would they start over? How would they pay bills a month from now?
So fighting back the tears he documented another bit of gloom. 
Turning to his riding pal said "This can end none too soon."
And just as he was about to let out another hopeless groan,
A wide hipped easy fleshin' cow came walkin' to head home. 
Hard to believe but that same bred heifer, the sole survivor of the storm prior,
was now a main herd mama cow, still just as full of spit and fire. 
This doesn't change our situations, things are still hard and spirits low.
So use this as a bit of inspiration, hold your chin up. There's still Hope. 

This story is a true one shared with me by great friend of the South Dakota industry, David Koupal.
-Trinity Lewis


  1. David Koupal was and still is my son's favorite high school teacher. He was able to bring out the best in my "Smart as a Fox" son, Levi. Levi respected David for making him "Toe the Line" more than once. Thank you, David, for being that special kind of teacher.

  2. Wow, what a great testimony of a great guy! Thank you for sharing!