Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Barbed Wire Fences and Life

I had a funny flashback to a memory from my childhood recently. Justin and I were out hunting and just when we were about to top a ridge to get right up to the animal we were stalking, we had to climb through a barbed wire fence. Justin, naturally, pushed the wires down starting with the top and stepped over. I went right for the third wire down and used it to create a hole for me to climb through.
You see, there was a time when I wanted to grow up big and strong like my older brother. I'd follow Christian around everywhere and TRY to do most of the things he did. One afternoon we were out in a pasture doing, well I'm not sure what, when we came upon a fence. Christian did just like I described Justin doing. He pushed down the top wire and stepped over. I'd never seen my big brother do this before because he'd always, just like me, been too small to just step over. I couldn't let my big brother show me up so I reached up, pushed down the top wire, swung a leg over and .... yes, I let go of the wires and hung there on the fence. My legs just dangled as I began to scream and wince at the predicament I was in. My big brother used that story to tease me for quite a while afterward but I never noticed how much I learned from it until this weekend when I flashed back to that moment.
There are many times in my life when I look around and wish I could do things just like someone else I admire does. Some of my close girlfriends are great at rodeo. I've spent a lot of time on horses but mainly just doing ranch work so my aspirations to do the things those girls do are quite far reaching. I have other friends who are great at hunting, have the best eye for fashion, know exactly how to make their home look like that from a magazine and even others who are able to be involved in every organization and still be effective. I've had to realize that, just like God didn't make me long legged enough to step over barbed wire fences, he didn't make me to be good at all of the things people around me are good at. God made me for a very special purpose. You know what, I'm not entirely sure what that purpose is yet. I do know though that in everything I do, I need to glorify Him. I need to do all I can do to do my very best at it and to pour my heart and soul into that task. Will I ever be as good as other people at doing all of the things I listed above, probably not. God didn't make me to be like other people. He made me to try to mimic His actions. I'll leave you with this final thought that really speaks to me on a daily basis: "Don't be a 2nd rate someone else when you can be a 1st rate you."
And with that I'll climb off of my barbed wire fence and carry on doing my best :) . I hope you will too!

-Trinity Lewis

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