Thursday, September 12, 2013

Taking the greats and leaving the goods.

We have a big problem in our family. It's taken up our time, it's required a whole lot of commitment and it even makes our spouses mad regularly. What's our problem you're asking? My sisters and I all have an issue with saying yes to everything!
This year when I planted my garden, I wanted to make sure SOMETHING grew. Thus, I planted a whole packet of seeds in each row (far too many seeds than I should have) so that if only a few seeds grew, I'd still have plenty of produce for Justin and me. I was ecstatic when every single seed that touched that soil shot right up! Everyone said I should probably thin each of the rows but I was so excited things grew, it would have broken my heart to pull any of them to their demise. Thus I watered and weeded and waited and now...I have a whole bunch of deformed and miniature plants. You see, there were so many zucchini that the onions were shaded. The onions grew like crazy anyway but they lacked sun and space so they didn't fully mature. The carrots just don't have enough root space so they're big and fat and really short! Oh well. I have a good garden! Needless to say, had I thinned out some of the rows I would potentially have  great garden instead but I choose the former.
There have been times I've said yes to every person, organization or group who asks anything of me. Sure this leads to some good opportunities and I absolutely love helping! The only issue is, when all of my energy is spread way too thin I don't have time to invest in the great opportunities.
I've decided my solution to this year's garden is to eat all of the deliciously deformed and mutated produce I grew. I'm not sure I've found a solid solution to my saying yes all of the time but I'm praying about it and I know the N word (no) will come easier now that I've identified my problem.
In your life, do you put the goods in front of the greats?

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