Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I didn't have facebook.

When I was in high school social media was nearly unheard of. Maybe it carried weight in heavier populated areas but our area is always at least a few years behind everyone else, and I'm better for that. I thought facebook was cool when I first logged on...then my grandma got an account and I rechecked my thought process. I see the way teens conduct themselves online and I am so thankful I didn't have the facebook option when I was in high school.

I didn't have facebook and "sharing" meant offering what I had to help someone who didn't have that same thing. Sharing was a heart thing not a button.

I didn't have facebook and "posts" referred to the steel or wood linear objects that keep barbed wire connected.

I didn't have facebook and I knew if people "liked" what I said by their reaction. I didn't have a false ego telling me "Everyone 'likes' what I have to say." In fact, many times things weren't liked but those were my convictions and a count of "likes" couldn't sway them.

I didn't have facebook. Now there aren't any pictures of my cleavage, counterparts thereof or compelling pictures that might have counteracted with my "Christian" religious status. Sure, I was asked by more than one male to show him a little something - I showed them my dad's phone number and then the door.

I didn't have facebook. I do feel bad for the void I left in so many people's lives. How did they handle things without pictures of the healthy lunch I packed or updates about my terrible teachers.

I didn't have facebook and my relationship status was an intimate thing. I may have told one or two best friends about my latest flames, we'd blush, giggle and head to our next class. If a relationship were serious, my parents knew but that was because I conversed with them around the breakfast table.

I didn't have facebook. I was free from the feeling that I was missing out on all of the wild parties so many of my friends attended.  For some reason the stories of the star football player urinating on basement walls, the cute senior girls holding each other's hair so the opposite could vomit and the many miles ran through barbed wire fences and bogs to get away from the cops, didn't sound too cool. Cute smiles and large groups in a facebook picture leave out many of these details.

I didn't have facebook but I knew without a doubt who my best friends were. I was really "with" them and even though we had favorite songs and jokes, we didn't need to "share" them with everyone else. They were special and "inside" jokes. Things that bonded us closer, no "with" status update needed.

I didn't have facebook so I didn't have so many of the pressures guys and girls have today online. Facebook can be used in numerous ways and I think when we remember what our standards are without the website we'll be more closely tied to those standards when we login.

- Trinity Lewis  

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