Friday, September 6, 2013

Grandparents :)

Grandma is two soft arms that are always willing to embrace you.
Grandma is a substitute for the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny if Mom and Dad can't be there.
Grandma is an ice cream bar on the front deck on a hot summer day.
Grandma is the world's best cheerleader, especially for her grandkids but can turn from cheerleader to world police if anyone tries to harm you.
Grandma is a long phone call, an ear for sob stories and the frank reality that you must be told.

Grandpa is a half mouthed smirk that seems a bit cruel when you're young but one day you'll understand is the representation of the appreciation he has for you and the desire ever there to be one of your best friends.
Grandpa is harsh words that go to heart but needed to be heard and change the path you're headed down.
Grandpa is the number one fisherman but he'd like to hand that title off to you.
Grandpa is the cookie jar thief, the card shark and the breadwinner for the place that is the most magical to most of us, Grandma's house.

Grandparents are a kid's greatest support team.
Grandparents are a bickering pair of good hearted folks who just want to help the next generations succeed.
Grandparents are the keepers to nostalgic stories and time honored ideas and methods of doing things.
They are a load of fun and a line of encouragement. They are an offer to feed you even when you tell them time and again you've already eaten. They are a plea to "Just stay the night" even though you have to work in the morning. They're parents that are grand with the biggest hearts you've ever seen and lives that you'd like to mimic yours after, they're Grandparents. One of God's greatest blessings.

Happy Grandparent's Day September 8, 2013

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