Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Poem

Haying is done- the fields are clean.
The last bale's been picked up and stacked
Breeding season is over- we pulled the bulls last week
It will be next May before we put them back
Nights are chilly, mornings are brisk
And some days don't really get warm
Slow drizzling rain that stays for days
Has replaced summer's thunderstorms
I noticed this morning when I caught my horse for another gathering ride
That thick, shaggy hair has begun to replace his slick, shiny, summer hide
I hate to see long summer days end- to send them down the road
I dread to see a long winter ahead, and the trials it will hold
But for now I must stay busy- it's a new season of work to do
Preg checking, weaning, shipping, and calves to run through the chute
I can feel winter coming; Lord knows I'd stop it if I could,
But I've got to quit complaining, and go cut some more firewood

- Amity Kissack

My sister wrote this poem and it is too good to just keep to myself! Thanks Amity!

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