Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall is...

Labor day has come and gone and the time is now upon us to think towards fall like things. When asked "What is fall?" recently by one of my sweet nephews I had to think a moment about all of the things fall is to me.
Fall is a school bell ringing through long halls bustling with bright minds, bright new notebooks in hand and book covers for extra credit.
Fall is a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies fresh out of the oven still soft and warm and an apple cider candle burning in the sill of the kitchen window, cracked open just enough to let cool air drift in.
Fall is the putting away of summertime things. The long, wooden canoe is hung back up in the rafters of the garage. Fishing poles are cleaned up, the bobbers go back in the tackle box alongside the hooks to keep them ready for next year's adventures.
Fall is wall tents, camp stoves and hunting gear, pulled out and ready for what the next few months have in store.
Fall is a blonde haired boy with a plaid down coat and a florescent orange cap chasing turkeys with his cap gun and yellow lab pup.
Fall is the heavy red and yellow quilt, carefully made by grandma, spread on the spare bed in the guest room. Fall is canning jars filled with red chokecherries, peach peaches, green dilly beans, purple beets and a sweet little girl wearing the jar rings on her wrists saying something about being a princess.
Fall is saddled horses and loading chutes, cattle pots and pre-conditioning shots and a year's hard work turning into an annual check.
Fall is picking apples and garden goods, sewing projects for Christmas gifts and football games underneath the lights.
Fall is Wednesday night Church groups, a slow rising sun and a thank you note written to a favorite teacher.
Fall is leaves floating to the ground from the oak. It's aspen stands changing colors one day at a time and evergreens fitting in more perfectly than they ever have before.
It is talk of Christmas getting closer, cold weather settling in, books being read and tea sipped. It's family game nights next to the fire and cleaning up the lawn before the snow flies. It's the end to the dog days of summer and not quite the time for cold winter mornings. It's the end of the old and the beginning of something brand new. It's fall and it really is a gift from the Creator. The changing of the seasons? What a beautiful idea. 

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