Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ag Teachers/FFA Advisers

His briefcase is a feed bucket, his suit is coveralls.
He handles life with sorting sticks. He's an expert at cleanin' stalls.
He has to do his paperwork and teach the kids the creed.
He understands a faith not born of words but of deeds.

He's the fellow at the end of the school, right next to the shop.
He knows the value of bribing students with pizza and with pop.
He'll shuffle in late a time or two to staff meetings and such.
You can bet he was giving advice or welding with a young kid on his truck.

He's the parliamentarian who so often has to ignore Robert's rules
and just keep doing what he knows is best for the students at his school.
He's the agronomy champion but all he can do is encourage you to learn,
and try to keep his eyes from rolling when you confuse crop and fern.

He's designed more presentations than any CEO in a cubicle would have to.
He's become accustomed to acronyms and wearing gold and blue.
He isn't at the school on time, he's there at least three hours early.
Already teaching livestock judging, public speaking and entomology.

He's a permanent fixture in your life for about four years.
He's seen you win and lose and try until you broke down into tears.
But then those years come to an end you tip your hat and smile.
He sure was helpful and influential to you for a little while.

Then one day in a later chapter of your life a thought will appear.
It'll help you understand what to do and make situations more clear.
And just when you begin to wonder how that idea came to you,
you'll hear that ag teacher's voice finish the thought with "I was young once too."

And so it is with every student, even the ones who never got along,
they said some words or did something that made that kid more strong.
So here's to the hims and hers who've influenced us in so many ways,
thanking you and wishing you a wonderful National Ag Teacher day!

A special thanks to my ag teacher Justin Bailey and those who helped in later years, Ron Pulse, Heath Hornecker and Brock Burch. I'm sure blessed!

- Trinity Lewis

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