Thursday, August 29, 2013

Water from a garden hose.

There's something different about water that comes out of a garden hose. I'm not sure if it's the water's hot temperature right away from laying stagnant while the sun beat down on the hose or the rubbery smell and taste the water has. All I know is that it's different. There's something special about the H2O that springs forth. It's like summer from a hollow rubber tube. It can be turned into an afternoon of play in Grandma's front yard sprinkler with all of the cousins hopping in and out and triple dog daring each other to stand on the sprinkler and seeing who can take the ice cold water the longest. It can be turned into the most efficient irrigation for Mama's acre big garden. If it weren't for the hose the sweetcorn wouldn't have any chance to be "knee high by the fourth of July" nor would the root plants be sweet and succulent devoid of a bitter taste. That hose carries the water that can turn a big tin cow tank into the perfect swimming pool - no fancy swimsuit required. Mama let us just wear our underwears. At least, until we got a bit older. Garden hose water allows just enough moisture to spray in the front driveway at the end of the long dirt road. With a perfect puddle made, a mud bath might be in the cards or maybe an entire meal of mud pies. Playing tag outside or climbing around in the treehouse out back usually caused quite a thirst but that could be quenched quickly from a squirt from the green watering fountain stretched across the lawn. It's not always fun provided from the water from a garden hose.  More than once the darn stuff had to be used to clean the septic tank. We'd scrub at that for hours and when we were done we'd have to scrub ourselves just as hard. In later years the garden hose water was used to hose down fair animals. Getting every grain of sand out of the show steers and ridding the hogs of their mud smears. One of my favorite uses for water from our garden hose was filling a big orange water jug. Then stirring in the country time lemonade mix for a family and neighbor gathering that evening. You can have sunshine summertime but it won't be sublime without water right from the garden hose. You know, there's something pretty special about that. Garden hoses - another memory from life in the country.  

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