Monday, August 12, 2013

the cowboy who rode alone

From 80 miles away he rode on his favorite horse to date.
Horse and him are one but he wishes this ride would wait. 
His feet are heavy in the stirrups like his heart is heavy too.
But he had to make this ride today. It's what she'd want him to do.
So leading her sure footed horse with reins bound in his hands
he travels across the country side, just like they both had planned. 
The horse he leads is wearing the saddle that in the past she rodeod in. 
That was when they were both in school just before she married him. 
The bridle is one from years past too, she'd gotten it when just a girl.
And so the ride continues on and his mind continues to swirl. 
He and her did everything together, they never wanted a moment apart. 
So when she learned she'd pass away soon, a dagger stuck the old cowboy's heart. 
Today he rides on her behalf to the small community's annual celebration. 
She used to help put it on you see, but now he's headed there in lamentation. 
But as heart sick as the old cowboy is and as down as he has right to be,
he knows that young filly he loved is now in celestial eternity. 
She was a Sunday school teacher to many. A living Bible to many more.
She'd never brag on the lives that she touched but we'd have to count them in scores. 
As the cowboy mulls this over his hard face softens and his heart grows content.
He's riding for her today and she rides off with her Lord in the sunset. 
- Trinity Lewis

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