Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thanks for takin' me fishin'.

Thanks for dancin' with me
I know it's not your favorite thing to do.
Your cheeks turned a bit rosy
but you danced at least one dance the whole way through.

Thanks for takin' me fishin'
that April night with two pickups full of our  best pals.
Who would've thought then
some of those buddies wouldn't be with us now.

Thanks for callin' my daddy
You could have given up when that restriction was made.
I told you he's pretty chatty.
One call and a solid foundation for our relationship was laid.

Thanks for askin' me to dinner.
Our first date we shut the steakhouse down.
I knew that night you were a winner.
You were the studliest gentleman in town.

Thanks for givin' me a diamond
as we stood on the Platte River shore.
Lovin' you sure has been fun.
We've made it one year and I'm excited for a million more.

Thanks for takin' me fishin'
and for being a man I respect and have fun with the same.
Thanks for takin' me fishin'
most of all thank you for givin' me your name.

Happy anniversary to my world champion husband Justin :) Thank you Lord for giving me him!

-Trinity Lewis  

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