Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...No Delete Button

I've let Sunday pass without a blog but this morning I showed up to work and my blog topic was dropped right on my desk. Quite literally. Mondays are a day in particular where I feel the need to be to work at least 20 minutes early. I have ads to write, programs to prepare and of course coffee to make. As I sat down to begin my morning's duties though, I discovered the delete button on my keypad decided not to show up to work. That's right, no matter how hard I push on it (not that I've been sitting here pounding it or anything) the darn thing won't fix my mistakes.
I grew up on a ranch in Wyoming and my dad supported his ranching habit with a business that required a whole lot of paperwork. I still remember waking up in the morning and hearing the click click tap tap coming from his office as he pounded away on his old fashioned typewriter. My dad is one of the best typists I know because he's always used equipment with no delete button. If my dad would ever make a mistake, he'd pull the paper out and start completely over. This high standard he held himself to caused him to be extra cautious when typing. He knew if he got in a hurry, he'd be stuck with much more than his regular amount of paperwork to do. Although I type everyday, and like to think I could out-type my dad, I know that if I was using an old fashioned typewriter I'd make so many mistakes that what I'd type would have no real use. I'm sure the errors would be blinding and it would be grueling for anyone grammatically sound.
Our world is in a very interesting place right now. We've raised an entire generation who relies on "delete buttons." Not just the kind on our computers but delete buttons for all of our actions. We mess up really bad - so bad that in years past  we would have stuck out like sore thumbs. Now though we've made it as if there are no consequences for our actions. Even jail time isn't a terrible threat anymore and these dreaded mistakes of the past are just swept under the rug, and frankly, the norm.
I don't want you to think I'm saying we should be unforgiving. God taught us to forgive. He is merciful and we should love mercy, after-all if it weren't for mercy we wouldn't still have a human race. However, we have to look at the big picture. If we continue down this path telling the lie that there are no earthy consequences we will have to suffer the eternal consequences. To believe in this myth that our actions are ours and effect no one else eventually will cause an entire generation of hurt and lost souls who will have an eternal life far from heaven.
I can't declare my opinion correct and change an entire generation today. However, I can decide that I'll hold myself to a higher level. I want to live my life where I don't need a delete button. I think the easiest meter to find so that we can measure our lives is to learn about Christ's  character. If each of us could keep this as a constant goal and commit ourselves to it daily, we still wouldn't be able to change an entire generation - but Christ could.  

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