Sunday, August 4, 2013

summer on the cattle farm

Even now as I've grown older
there's a place my mind wanders as it gets colder,
It's a place I wish I still could be.
It was where I learned important things like skippin' rocks
and how to swim in the cow dam with a floating dock.
Time stood still and nothin' could make us unhappy.
It was playin' ball and kick the can.
Hearin' Mom and Daddy's plan
then runnin' out and climbin' in a tree.
It was a big dinner table with kids all around
gettin' our food from what we grew in the ground
and each warm day felt like an eternity.
Sundays were filled with grandma and grandpa,
Church in the mornin' then dinner and what have ya
and already missin' them in the evenin' as they headed home.
Weekdays were filled with weedin' the garden
fencin' it tightly to not let the deer in
with plenty of siblings and neighbors we were never alone.
Makin' ice cream from scratch was a regular thing.
We all knew how to separate milk from the cream
and life never changed and worries were very few.
Singin' in the talent show at the country fair
then showin' a little livestock while we were there
these are some of the things we loved to do.
It was ridin' till the sun went down
unsaddelin' but still hangin' around
and swingin' from the haystack in the barn.
It was balin' hay for summer cash
storin' it away for a weekend blast
they're just memories from summer on the cattle farm.
There we learned morals about God and hard work.
If someone asked for a meal we'd also give them our shirt
and we never were suspicious of anyone doin' us harm.
Now life is so busy it's hard to slow down,
we've left the home place for jobs in town
so these are just memories from summer on the cattle farm.
- Trinity Lewis

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