Friday, August 16, 2013

Shouldn't Obama take classes?

One good laugh was all he sought
When in the store that witty clown bought
A mask that looked just like that of Emperor Obama.

He never would have thought, and neither would we,
That one little skit could make the world go tipsy turvy
And cause a nation’s worth of news and political drama.

Now from Missouri State fair he’s banned for life
But I can’t imagine that’d cause him too much strife.
He’s now been hired to present on numerous venues if he’d please.

“If you want to know without a doubt,” it’s been said,
“Just who’s in charge of the world and who rules over-head
Then try to find the person you’re not allowed to tease.”

There’s now a job opening at the Missouri State fair,
If you’d like to get hired to work over there
It’s real simple you just have to take training to be tolerant.

But one quandary of good size is still left in my mind.
I’ve looked around numerous rodeo venues and I’ve yet to find
A clown who would take sensitivity training without being goofy with it.

Then I have to wonder in this class of all rainbow wigged men,
Would they be serious or would it all be just pretend?
And who would be the class clown in the class of all rodeo fun?

And how much change would take place 
when all this sensitivity they're trying to embrace
and really would anyone have learned much when the classes are all done?
Maybe Obama should go to class “How to take criticism” would be the name
“And tame your Ego” would be a class the same
“And understand that criticism dished out, well, you deserve it!”

I know this is my opinion and I don't mean to offend
all of my far left liberal friends
but this is my side of the story, I like my mask and I think I'll still wear it. :)

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  1. Amen, sister :)