Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Prairie Proverbs

I was blessed to be brought up beneath the big Wyoming sky.
Just past the pine trees and Black Hills where a small creek trickled  by.
The land wasn't made for farmin' but grass grew like it should.
And that life out on the prairie was a life green and lush with good.
Some said we were excluded from the happenings in town. 
The things that we "missed out" on never did get me down. 
You see there's these things called prairie proverbs that had I gone without
my life would be much different, even if I traveled the world about. 

To those well taught and learned and who've traveled near and far,
I'm sure I sound mostly crazy being content with where I are. 
So to you I'd like to ask a thing or maybe two or three,
and by the end I'll know you better and you might understand a type like me. 

Can the Great Pyramids teach that ever needed lesson 
that life could always be much worse and we need to count our blessens? 
I learned it one hard winter we were all frustrated and disheartened by the snow,
our neighbor passed in an accident but we were still good and on the grow. 

Do you think the Colosium in it's historical and awe inspired state
teaches us to treat our neighbors with love and not to ever hate? 
I learned that from ol' Peggy who lived just on the hillside. 
She majored in cheering folk's attitudes and minored in baking berry pie. 

That Hagia Sophia, however it is said, is beautiful and old. 
But does it carry on the stories that our little white Church has told? 
Stories about Jesus and his character and love, 
And do the folks who go there feel inspired from above? 

I tell you it is something to see the landscape from the Golden Gate Bridge. 
Man it's something else you see horse-top on a Wyoming ridge. 
To see the new calves playing and their Mama's content and full. 
I guess you won't have to guess long to know where I like best to go. 

That great big wall surrounding China, of course that’s something I’d like to see
But I’m proud of the walls I grew up in filled with friends and family.
Now when I see the deep gorge that is the Canyon Grand. 
That makes me bolster with awe - it's the work of God's own hand. 
The painting of the sky that is Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights,
is truly magnificent and it's seen best from a parked pickup bed at night. 

There's sure a lot more for me to see and even more for me to do. 
I don't think I'll feel unaccomplished when my life on earth is through. 
Although I might not see the world’s many grandeurs, this much is true,
I understand a life most unique and full of prairie proverbs - ranch taught values.  

- Trinity Lewis

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