Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Counting Shoes

Although I strive to be full of joy, sometimes I let sorrow take over my heart.
That's when I need to count my blessings and I know just where to start. 
First I go to my closet and pull out each shirt and dress and shoe. 
I rehang and reorganize each of them. It's the best thing to do. 
Then I head out to the shop where my husband works so steadily
Cleaning and reorganizing isn't something I do very readily. 
But when I'm feeling sad and that I've no blessings to smile about,
I find all of our belongings and I can no longer doubt
that in goods and materials we've been blessed because they abound. 
But when I leave the material goods, I look at all of our friends and family around. 
Each God picked just for me, to be part of the life I live. 
Each provides encouragement and teaches me lessons by the way they live.   
I understand how blessed I am by them each and everyone.
But counting material goods and people isn't where my list is all done. 
Next I count the things unseen but that I say thank you for each day. 
Like love and trust and faith and kindness. So to God I look up and say,
"For everytime I'm unthankful, thinking my blessings are so few,
remind me first to clean out my closet starting with my shoes..."

- Trinity Lewis

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