Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And there were no traffic lights...

Summer nights down by the city park
throwin' baseballs, tryin' not to hit the cars
parked out on the side of the road.
Early fall when football would start
big blankets and hot cocoa were the best part
to stickin' out the games, they sure were cold.

Model T's in July at the car show
barbeques, and our favorite, rodeos
and gettin' all cleaned up for a dance that night.
Sayin' prayers before dinner and lunch
even before the city hall brunch
and knowin' that there was nothin' to fright.

The local grocer owned the hub for gossip
everyone excused what slip from their lip
with "Bless her heart" and "Pray from them."
Lines with clothes hangin' to make them fresh
was just another indication to the town's wholeness.
Just a town on the map but to us a complete gem.

And everyone knew everybody's name.
Things weren't always great but they were always the same.
A constant, frozen in time.
And there were no traffic lights in that little town of mine.

- Trinity Lewis

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