Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A rancher's health charts

A rancher finally gave in to do what his wife insisted
and went to see a Doctor just to make sure no cranks or gears was missin'.
He sat down in the office, a size much too small for his likein' 
and leaned back to answer as the Doctor began to rigorously quiz him.  
The scrawny, well learned fella first questioned the cowpoke's athleticism.
"Do you run each morning on a treadmill, do some push ups and heavy liftin'? 
Do you eat and drink real healthy protein shakes and have vegetables on the side?
Come on and tell me everything now we won't accomplish much if there's things you hide."
The tiny tot was so insistent it almost made the rancher sick.
He took his time to get the right answer so he didn't come back too quick. 
"Well sir I've been to a gymnasium but just to honor friends after their passing.
I wouldn't know the first thing about treadmills, weights or biking.
I spose I could eat better, then again I eat steak every night of the week
but my wife here grows plenty of carrots and such so my diet could be tweaked. 
But fella let me ask you about the exercise you do."
The doctor just smirked a little, this'd be good, he knew. 
"You tell me about your bikin' and runnin' each morning when you get up.
Have you ever had to chase down a stray. A steep canyon hike strait up? 
Have you ever loaded bales in the hottest part of the day?
All the way to the top of the stack, just to preserve this year's hay?     
How often do you have to wrestle calves or stick to a horse that's buckin' and green?
Little fella I'm sure you're real smart and I have no intentions of bein' mean. 
I do get pretty fed up though at these modern expectations. 
If we all only exercised like you do I think we might not have a lazy nation. 
It's all those though who have no reason to get out and do any stuff. 
No job to make them feel their worth and no work to make them tuff. 
Ya see when I do my liftin' or my walkin' hard and fast
I know the things I'm workin' on are things that are gonna last. 
Every post I pound with all my might into our rocky soil,
is a post my grandson's fence will use and he'll be rewarded for my toil."
With that the cowboy didn't have much more to say. 
The doctor finished the check up and sent him on his way. 
It was in that office that very day the doctor saw a whole new side,
hard work had kept that man healthy, content and he should show his hard earned pride.  
And now when folks come stumblin' in cuz they're down or their nose is plugged,
the doctor calls his good ranchin' friend and says "I got another day hand for ya."   
- Trinity Lewis

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