Monday, July 8, 2013

With a worm in the water and sun on my face...

With a worm in the water and the sun on my face my mind is surprisingly at ease.
I watch as the chipmunks scuffle along and the branches move with the breeze. 
Rocks never felt more comfy. Dirt has never been more clean.
The sky has never been so open and shining and the grass is extra green.  
It's moments like these when in God's creation my heart seems to overflow.
'Cuz with a worm in the water and the sun in my face time stops and there's nowhere to go.
There's no better time to reflect on blessings, they're bountiful in every way.
We've more blessings than this lake has ripples, more blessings than the leaves have sway. 
My cell phone? Well there's no service. The people I love most are here too.
And soon enough the surrealism of it all will stop when our day is over and through. 
There's no excuse for me to stop being thankful, even when we've cleaned our catches and headed home.
'Cuz no matter what upset we face in the world, this scenery declares God's glory, He's guiding us from His throne. 
Thank you Lord for the relaxing times when we can take a moment to be at rest
but in the times things get hard please help us to turn to you and cast our stress. 

- Trinity Lewis

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