Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What is America?

By definition America is:

1. A landmass in the western hemisphere that consists of the continents of North and South America joined by the Isthmus of Panama.
2. Used as a name for the United States.

But America is so much more than a landmass or a name. America is admitting that we're not smarter than anyone else or genetically superior. America makes mistakes there's no doubt. But America understands building characters who are confident and inventive. How inventive you ask? Inventive enough to revolutionize the world with electricity, the internet, the lightning rod, the idea of mail order, bifocals and the cotton gin. We've made high caliber advancements like double-barreled cannons, the rotary printing press,the solar cell, credit card, bar code, and numerous advancements in agriculture, space, communication, war and travel that would prevent the world from ever being the same. 
America is one of a kind, completely exceptional and that breeds this idea we have of can-do-it-ivness. Do you know any other country where born in the slums and raised with nothing one can work hard and rise to the top of society and maybe even be President one day? Tell me another country where people are so blatantly able to speak their minds and share their thoughts and opinions. If you were to say another country like this one exists, I would know you were wrong. When we think of Russia, there's a certain type of person we see. When we think of Africa there's a person who comes to mind and the same goes for China, India and Iran. But when we think of America that's no longer true. We're a nation of immigrants who all arrived seeking a better life. Is there any other country with such foresight and generosity to understand that conservation is crucial and set aside their land so that it can be preserved and shared with others via national parks and monuments? And sir pray tell any other established country where a constitution is prefaced with a bill of rights and where people run the government, not the other way around.
America is not so much a piece of real estate but it is an idea. An idea that you can carry in your back pocket. It's a copy of the constitution, the rule book for America. The idea that government is something granted by the people to a few. Government is granted by the masses up not the top down. And government is held accountable by the people they serve. These laws apply equally to the richest man in town the same as they apply to the poorest man. They apply to those with popular and unpopular ideas. The idea of America is that we are only limited by our own imaginations our ideas and dreams. Many people may think their country is exceptional and although each country is unique, there's a certain exceptional-ism for America alone. America's ideas come from  the Magna Carta which told the king "You can have this much power and no more." Because they understood that man was held accountable by God not by other men. 
As you celebrate our nation's independence, please do so with the understanding that we are of a few blessed enough to call this land home. 

- Trinity Lewis 

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