Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WD - Forty

He shuffles out to the shed to help harness up the team.
When everything's put together, it isn't as together as it used to seem.
Standing there beside him are young bucks Jeb and John
so he asks them and they smile as they take off the tack and put it back on.
Then later on he's helping hay, his rows more crooked than ever before.
It ain't that he's not tryin' but his eye sight has sure grown poor.
And then come calvin' season he can't pull them like once he could
and Jeb and John end up havin' to fill in where grandpa once stood.
It sure does break that old man's heart admittin' he's slowin' down.
Sometimes it gets so bad in sorrow he almost drowns.
But this old codger has a sense of humor like few left in this world.
Some used to call him wily and witty and most think that's his pearl.
He's sure got plenty of wrinkles and it may seem like his time's flyin' quick.
He's gained a little belly weight and he ain't like we remember him, a stick.
He can't grab a hunk of main and swing on his horse like he did in his thirties,
He smiles as he's boosted up and says "Kids I'm not old, I just need some WD-forty.

- Trinity Lewis

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