Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Weedy Hearts

A few nights ago I was picking weeds in my yard. I love time out  there because it gives me a period to just let my mind wander. Often times I pray while doing yard work and that's what I found myself doing the other evening.

 I talked to God about my heart being just like my lawn. You see my lawn looks green and lush. I keep it mowed in nice lines and patterns and I turn the sprinkler on when the cool of the night sets in and let moisture permeate to the roots of each blade and clump. But when I really begin to examine my lawn I note that most of the greenery isn't lush grass but weeds. Weeds that have sneaked in and begun to grow without me even knowing. Now the issue is that with every weed I begin to pull from the lawn, an exposed piece of ground is left and if that ground is planted with grass seed and nurtured correctly, another weed will take the place of the one I just pulled.

One of the heart-weeds I struggle with is gossip. It's so easy to let grow with my own thoughts and other's words all working as miracle grow for the little weed that is soon the size of a tree. There have been many times I've felt like I had the weed completely taken care of and then, in it's place, up sprouts a weed of bitterness because I've been keeping all of my judgmental gossip blurbs inside. Wait. So my main root is harsh judgement which emerges as gossip and then turns bitter.

 I've fought and fought different heart weeds. I've just come to one conclusion. I can't win. I try so hard and stress and struggle and I finally have realized that I'm a broken person full of sin and unable to cure anything for myself. But just like when I clean weeds up from the lawn, I'm not doing it by myself. I use a shovel to get the root of the weed or a spray to kill the plant first. You see, we are broken and unable to stop our sins by ourselves. For that reason God is here to help us. He wants us to have these issues so that we'll realize our need for Him. The great thing with all of my heart weeds is that when I do earnestly turn them over to the Heavenly gardener, He not only helps to rid me of weeds but to foster fruits in their place. Love begins to take over and joy in others. Then I'm filled with peace from not having to battle alone anymore and the fruit continues to grow from blossoms. Patience, kindness, faithfulness and self control soon follow.

I can't just leave those fruits alone. God and I have to continue to be partners in stopping weeds before they get big. I like to stop them while they're still trying to develop. And that fruit doesn't come naturally. It is only with the Lord's help.

What are your weeds? Anger, sharp words, jealousy? I know that we all have some pretty big ones trying to grow but we have an even bigger "Master Gardener" if you will. In fact He was the one who told us it was okay to cast our cares on Him because He cares for you and me. 

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