Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Is it okay not to be okay?

Isn't it interesting in life how we have things figured out. We know where we are going, what we need to do to get there and we have all of the people in our lives to make it happen. With every need there is someone to fix it. For every sickness that same person knows what to do. And then we turn 8. That's right. It'd be so great to live life like we did when days were long, toys were everywhere and the only things we dreaded were nap time and mama's wooden spoon.
I think for many it is a shocking realization when the real world hits and we begin to be piled on with responsibilities, concerns, hurts and even failures. It almost seems like too much to handle and I know I've wondered "Am I the only person this has happened to?" I wasn't and you aren't either. Everyone goes through trying times. Everyone goes through periods of not being okay.
Sometimes I look at the Church and I get overwhelmed. I feel like I'm a midget stuck in a world of spiritual giants, like God gave us this race to run and we better never stumble or stop to tie our shoe. The truth is that our God is so much different than that! I'm thinking of Him in humanly terms but our God is a forgiving God and He loves us with the warmest and most safe, fatherly love we could ask for.
Let's go back to a Bible story real fast. There was a king named David. To make a long story short he had his eye on a very beautiful woman named Bathsheba. The thing was that that beautiful woman was married, and so was the king! The story goes that David forced Bathsheba to commit adultery with him while her husband was away at war. When she became pregnant, David tried to trick her husband into sleeping with her so it would look like the child was his. The husband refused. David then plotted to have him sent to the front lines of battle and abandoned by his fellow soldiers; he was killed by the enemy. As David's life continued, he understood the things he'd done and repented. He turned to God and by the time David died, God said David was a man after His own heart.
Wait a minute. Someone that was so messed up that they forced someone to commit adultery and even had a man murdered is still accepted by God?  Sinning is so far from what God wants for us and it hurts Him to see His children sin. We can turn our backs on God and reject Him, but God will never leave us or forsake us. When we turn to Him and ask for forgiveness He will be ready and waiting to help. And, only with this help, our lives can finally be back on track and when that's the case, He couldn't be happier.
I'm not sure what is going on in your life right now. It might be an issue of gossip or negative thoughts. Maybe hate and envy have taken over or maybe you are struggling because you seem to fail at everything you set out to do. God knows our every struggle and need and He is waiting to be called upon so that He can help.
We live in a fallen world and we are fallen people. Is it okay not to be okay? It sure is. It's just not okay to stay that way and God is the only being who can help!

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