Monday, July 1, 2013

Square Hay Bales

They once spotted the countryside right about Independence day
and now as we drive along, they have all but gone away.   
Still, for a little hay bale weighing as light as they really do
much of our childhood can be summed up by twines of red and blue.
It started when we were very young and we'd swath or rake hay,
we knew we'd reached a higher status when allowed to bale all day.
And then the process came about, we anticipated it with joy,
loading the square bales on the trailer and trying to out-lift the boys. 
I suppose times always change and that's something change can't stop
but this age of big round bales has highlighted a problem our world's got. 
It used to be a family ordeal harvesting and preserving spring's tall grass
now one person can do most of the work in a big tractor, and do it fast. 
This doesn't simply change the summer, it changes the winter too.
We don't load up five or six small bales in the pickup bed like we used to do. 
Now one tractor drives out with a bale on its back and one in its teeth. 
Our priorities of doing things together have fallen underneath
our need to do things quickly and operate simply on the bottom dollar.
I see the good in efficiency but it sure does appear to me as a bother. 
We wonder why kids drift astray and don't practice responsibility and morale,
maybe it's directly related to the lack of working together we promote now.

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