Friday, July 26, 2013

July 28, 2013 - Happy Birthday Colten

Two hundred and ninety seven days it's been since we've sent you up to heaven and whole lot has changed in our lives. 
We've gone through a Christmas, Easter, seasons of sports, and now summer's almost passed us by.
This year we sheered sheep like every year before, we branded just like we always do. 
We hunted and found and baled hay from the ground, all in the absence of you. 
Did we think we could do it? No, we never would have believed that our lives would go on at all.
But it's already been two hundred and ninety seven days and we're headed into another fall. 
Your little brother has grown in ways we'd never imagined, he's shot up strait and tall. 
Your uncle was sick for quite a bit but gosh he's been tough through it all. 
Your parents, of course they still hurt a whole lot. Same goes for your siblings and friends. 
You were just a young guy, a kid some would say, we didn't expect your life to just end. 
Oh, I 'spose we'll all get through it, because of you new faith's been found and friendships treasured more.
You may not be here, but your voice we still hear and we still laugh with the memories from before. 
Your friends are planning graduations and weddings. One or two even have new babies.
You'd love the way the government is, I can just imagine your rants on all of the scandals lately. 
Two hundred and ninety seven days now Brueg and your birthday is on the calendar today.
Do we gather to share memories and how do we move on? Most of us don't even know what to say. 
Two hundred and ninety seven days but each day starts out with a fresh memory of you.
Make sure to keep things in line up there, we'll come see you when our work down here is through. 

In memory of Colten Bruegger - Happy Birthday.

- Trinity Lewis

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