Thursday, July 18, 2013

doin' our best

Help me to be the driver not the one who must be driven today. 
Help me to stay focused on work while at work and not on weekend play. 
Though many goals are out in front of me and I've many mountains to climb
if I choose to be the driver I think I'll get along just fine. 
As the one who encourages and helps others in my midst
help me to be humble and loving and keep in mind this:
That even though I'd like to be inspiring and show others the life I love
I can't be all to everyone and true inspiration comes from above. 
Going through our life it's silly how many people know "how" but don't ask "why."
And so not needing pushed along I'll seek out the perimeters we set our standards by.
And maybe through some hard work, or be it divine intervention,
maybe I'll come up with completely my own invention.  
So as I trod along and trod along some more
Lord help me to fulfill my purpose before I reach the other shore. 
Help me to not fall behind and only be half of all you wanted me to be
so that I might be told "Well done" when I reach eternity. 
For I know that each of us you designed for a certain reason and deed in mind. 
You've given us the tools and when we fully seek you we'll finally find
exactly what we've been looking for and exactly what you wanted us to do
so that each day, mundane or not, we did our best for you! 

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