Friday, July 19, 2013

Country encompasses quite a few things.

Some people think of country as the way they look and the clothes they wear,
the size of their hat, how high their pickup's jacked and their ownership of gear. 
When people talk about country I think about what it really means
I'd write it down this way: Country encompasses quite a few things.  
Country is the rooster crowin' with the 4 am risin' sun, 
coffee perkin' in the ranch house and gatherin' cows on old Dun.
Country is the pollen all stirred up from summer sage,
and songs by Chris Ledoux about life out on the range. 
Country isn't all fun. And glamorous? That, country is not. 
It's staying out and working when the sun is blazin' hot. 
Country is carin' for animals sometimes all through the night.
Country is working with sheep and we know they're none too bright. 
Country makes your skin like leather and your clothes a week unwashed.
Country makes you toughen up when you feel you've done that enough. 
Country makes you understand the cycle of life and then death.
In the country you have to bury animal companions when they've inhaled their final breath. 
But country isn't all about livestock. It's about people too.
There's no need for an agenda, just relaxin' and visitin' is the perfect thing to do. 
Country is where I learned that milkin' cows could turn into homemade cheese. 
Country is where I hung the clothes out and let them dry in the fresh breeze. 
Country is where I bought my first herd, they were chickens so I guess that's a flock.
Country is where time is endless and you go by the sun not a clock. 
Country is where I worked with my dad and he gave me advice of all kinds. 
Country is where I did chores with my siblings and in them my best friend I did find. 
Country is where I learned to sew my own clothes just like my mama taught. 
Country is where I learned science from fireflies and bullfrogs I caught. 
Country is God's carefully made quilt from a pattern all his own. 
It has animals and flowers and crops and people that he's sewn. 
He carefully places every piece right where it fits the very best.
When I look at the country and all it is, I thank God. Because of Him our country's blessed.

- Trinity Lewis

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