Friday, June 14, 2013

The Lil Sid

There was a very silly group, they were called the Sids,
the world is now a better place for all the things they did. 
Or is it? I'm not sure but I'll let you decide.
These Sids did something so silly it was something they couldn't hide.
In a town far away in place that's unheard
one silly Sid said one silly word 
and that silly word, heard by his friend
was one that was unkind and quick to offend. 
And before one could stop it, as quick as a flash,
the second Sid came back with a very cruel lash.
Then other Sids heard and came from wide and far,
some road on bikes and others drove cars.
To hear all the hubbub made when Sid one said that silly word.
It was one none too charming and even absurd. 
Now, the problem may have ended but when all the others came,
they found rude things they'd thought of and passed on more blame.
And soon the Sids were fighting and running amok
and so the land of Sids was becoming corrupt. 
But then again was it? the story's not through
so I'll just leave that decision up to you!
Within the next months and then the next years,
the world went on for others by the Sids lived in fear.
Always worried that another Sid might say something more whitty and mean
so they'd spend all night long thinking of ways to make other Sids jealous and green. 
And then one day a small Sid, who'd been born into this mess,
somehow escaped from his silly Sid nest. 
He went out to find that in other parts and places
there were people walking around with big smiles on their faces. 
"What would bring on these smiles and why are these folks so kind?"
But then that little Sid had a light bulb flash in his mind! 
"These smiling individuals are much better off then us Sids,
they might think mean thoughts but say them? They never did!"
And instead of just thinking the little Sid ran home 
to tell all the others about this amazing thing he'd sawn. 
But no one had noticed or even thought twice 
that the Sid had run off, they were too busy being not nice. 
But the little Sid had a message and he was determined to get it out
so he stood in town square and  gave out a loud shout. 
Some say that the shout was heard around the globe.
By the US President and the Pope in his robe!
And every Sid stopped at their spot on the ground
because little Sid was not messing around. 
"Look at you silly Sids only thinking of mean things to say!
There's a group that's much better off than you I found today. 
These people have big smiles and they help each other out.
They know that yelling and calling names isn't what life is all about."
And when he said that all the Sids then looked around.
Those Sids realized they were standing on real Siddy ground. 
You see, they began to realize life had gone on for everyone else
but these Sids had been stuck in muck because they couldn't put their bad feelings on the shelf. 
From that day on the Sids devoted their all to completely ignoring their own wants and needs.
They decided they should help all their Sid friends and get rid of all their greed. 
Today if you go to visit those silly little Sids, 
I think you'll be impressed with the things they've did. 
And if you liked the way the Sids had that kindness declaration,
maybe you should consider the same thing the next time you're in a silly situation!

- Trinity Lewis

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