Friday, June 21, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Softball after Service!

It's already been a couple of weeks ago now that we played our first game of baseball this season. Some batters batted like Babe Ruth while others were more timid and, frankly, batted like 10 year old kids. Oh wait! That's because they were 10 year old kids!
Although Babe Ruth didn't make it, we were at an event for my newest nephew two Sundays ago and almost everyone in the area came. Afterward we carried on a family tradition, softball after Church service. We went to my sister's house and in one of their pastures; her husband had nicely mowed enough grass to make a softball diamond. The diamond resembled a rectangle much more than a diamond but he never claimed to be a geometry expert and the distance between home and first allowed for some easy outs so I won't complain! 
In our first game, we divided just like any politically incorrect group would - guys against girls. We didn't do this intentionally but my parents raised 4 very independent daughters who sometimes feel too much of a need to prove themselves. There really is no issue with banding together to defeat the enemy, unless you are on the girls team with my sisters and me. You see, we are all boisterous, competitive and ... LOUD. When someone would bat we would cheer and yell and tell them "Just keep running you can make it!" Not keeping in mind that, all of the guys could move the ball right back into the diamond quite rapidly and weren't afraid to tag us girls and get us out. When we were on the other side of the plates, we'd be completely prepared with a plan for maneuvering the ball to get outs of our own. The batter would walk up, get a good hit but even if it was a grounder and we could catch it easily, so many people were yelling which base to throw the ball to that it almost never ended up where it should. We usually ended the play laughing at our self created confusion and shrugging our shoulders at another opponent we'd allowed to run home. 
Win or lose we really had a blast out there. Unfortunately, we never did figure out how to organize ourselves but we knew the problem. We had too many voices to listen to at once. 
Life is like that for me on a regular basis. I hear the voice of the media, telling me what is now acceptable in our world. I hear the voices of people in my life telling me their opinions, their thoughts and how they think things should be done. And then it never fails that I hear my voice, selfish with desires and hopes to only benefit me. I really have to take time to stop and listen to the one voice who really does know my life's destiny, my heavenly Father, God. 
We can't rule out the fact that God can speak to us through anything. Maybe it is through media that He reveals one of His ideas to us, but I can honestly say that's never happened for me. Maybe God tells others what to say to us and I think that happens on a often. But to understand wholly the direction we need to go in life, we need to fully seek Him, the author and finisher, and ask "What would you like me to do, Lord?"
It sure would be a shame to reach the end of my life and to realize the one person I should be listening to, my life Coach was shut out. No matter how many worldly home-runs we've achieved, without His voice guiding us, we can just mark up our time as a lost game. 

I'll leave you to ponder this, whose voice is dictating you in the game of life? 

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