Thursday, June 6, 2013

Report on Ranchers

There are some folks in Hollywood, I assume they are the root,
who have painted country folks into a box with a hat on top of boots. 
They think all country people have missing teeth and leather skin
and assume all men are pretty stiff and the women, just old hens. 

From my observation, and the time I've spent in the ranch environment
all that I can figure is that envy has set in or it's just plain ignorance. 
And because of my love for agriculture, and the traditions it supports,
I've decided to clear things up a bit so here's what I can report:

You see, it ain't like a regular rancher to yell "Howdy Pard!"
When a good friend's comin' he just smiles and gives a look that ain't so hard. 
When talkin' about a hat, that's what he's referrin' to.
No need to distinguish 'tween that and a cap cuz country folks just knew. 

Jeans are to be warn over boots, unless one is irrigatin'.
Those folks usually buy rubber ones to keep from water saturation. 
Pearl snapped shirts are for fancy things like graduations and weddings.
If you came out in pointy toed boots folks'd think you'd  lost some kind of betting. 

In terms of animal handling, you can bet country folks have that figured out. 
Be it small calves, baby chicks or lambs, a cow or a horse that's stout,
we put our all into the care even to the least of these.
It's our job to be their stewards, a rule spoken silently.

To be a neighbor or a friend to a country person is the best. 
They'll bring over pies, what's more though is they share friendship that lasts.
Independent and able - these words describe them to a T,
but pulling together to get things done, that's common in the country. 

Now for this notion that's been assumed about knowledge and sophistication,
country folk are of the most educated, they might not express it cuz of their humble disposition.
To understand the lay of the land and to know how to grow food from it,
are things learned from doing. You can't just be told how to do it.

From rationing feed and balancing books to riding and roping and chores,
the thing that country folks do everyday is simply too loud to ignore.
While office jobs play their own part, we need them absolutely!
But our food comes from, and natural resources are  preserved by, people in the country.
-Trinity Lewis

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