Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Ranch Dad is a SUPERHERO!

Some kids say their dad isn't a superhero,
and I hate to claim to be a cut above.
But he is as big as batman and 
better than superman, that dad I love. 
He doesn't have a bat-mobile
and I've never seen him fly.
But my dad climbs on old Smokey 
and nothing can pass him by. 

Does he have a cape?
You bet my daddy does!
He slips into his Carhartt coat
and he can do anything you'd think of.
He has a theme song when he heads 
out to save mortals and the world!
"A Country Boy can Survive" and
just about any song by Merle. 

I've seen him save lives no doubt,
he's pulled many calves who woulda choked.
And my daddy knows just how to care
for lambs, so's they don't lie down and croak. 
His powers include buildin' things 
and figurin' out real though situations.
He doesn't really have a flaw,
'cept he thinks I have a wild imagination! 

He's tall and strong with muscles too
and a stern look is usually on his face. 
But when I ask him a question or for help
a warm smile takes it's place. 
He's the superhero to our community
always helpin' the neighbors when things are hard.
He's the kind of guy who reaches out
and everyone considers him their pard. 

I'm sorry if your dad is just a plain and normal
type of man with no superpowers he's did. 
My dad is the superist of superheros 
and I'm proud to be his kid!

- Trinity Lewis

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