Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Muddy Boots

The abundant moisture that has recently blessed our region sure has brought a lot of mud into my house. I used to think that mud was something my mom liked to get after us kids about because she was too old to play in it anymore. In my opinion that great gift from God was given to us so that we could be ambitious and make numerous mud pies during our time on earth. I remember getting that rich Wyoming gumbo plastered to the bottom of my black cowboy boots, the ones we'd bought especially for going to town. My mom would get frustrated and she'd send me out to the front step with a flat head screw driver where I'd have to sit and chip the mud off of the soles of those boots until they looked as though they'd never been near mud. When that was finished, she'd help me polish them so that they would again appear new.
Sometimes I feel like my heart looks like those boots. Full of bitter feelings, frustrations, doubts and even some regrets. It's not like I took on all of this negativeness at once. Like mud, they've attached to my heart layer by layer. A hurtful word from someone I love, a clod of bitterness is attached. A bad day at work where things didn't go as planned, a smooth lining of doubt grabs on. My loud mouth lashing back at someone when they never deserved to be treated harshly, regret sets in.
Just like I had to do with my boots, it's time to clean up those feelings. God gives us forgiveness so that we can live freely in Him and for Him. Glorifying our maker who doesn't hold us in the bondage that the world says we should stay trapped in.
So with His power as my flat head screwdriver, there is no time like the present to begin cleaning this muddy weight off of my heart. Asking forgiveness to someone I wronged, a layer of dirt is loosened. A prayer before I walk into work that even I won't expect more from myself than what is an honest amount, a large clod falls to the ground. Remembering that those I love may say things that they don't mean just like I do so often, my heart begins to feel free once again.
You see, we can choose to live a partially fulfilled life, where we are okay on the outside and doing our best to "feel good." Or we can let God take things over and rid our dirty hearts of all of the mud that's had bondage over us for so long. Muddy boots or a clean heart, it's our choice. 

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