Monday, June 10, 2013

Little White Churches

There is something divinely special about those little white Churches way out in the country. Maybe it's the long dirt roads that lead to them. How they wind and twist and turn. Rocks fly and gravel crunches as the dust stirs up and lands on your car so that no matter how clean it was when you left home, the congregation always sees your vehicle with a light tan tint. Then again it might just be the potlucks after the services held at little white Churches that really cause me to savor them. Be it a spread of 5 mashed potato dishes or the colorful salads with the plethora of desserts at the end or all of those casseroles, I'm not sure.
I do know that being out so far from civilization but still meeting with a dedicated and good sized congregation gives me a certain inspiration I don't get anywhere else. The pastors at these country Churches always make me smile. Usually they're in a plaid shirt and overalls but on Sundays they aren't. They still know the meaning of Sunday best and my they wear it proudly. Although stern appearing at first, reaching out your hand for a shake makes them warm up with a genuine smile and a most sincere "How are you today?"
You know you've been at a country Church for a while when you can pick which dish each sweet lady made, who mowed the grass this week, the person who chose the music and people know you're not there because the pew that is "your pew" is empty. But it's fine because it's in those rural areas where deep friendships are formed and half of the Church talked to you just yesterday so they understand why you're gone this week.
The bulletin is just a little more personal at those white country Churches. Scenic pictures from the internet or quotes from who knows who don't adorn the front. It's branding pictures and wedding photos, grinning grandkids and grandparents celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary that cover the glossy front. And it's these pictures alone that turn cheap copy paper into million dollar parchment.
And so it is baseball games after the service, happy birthday wishes before the service or a sermon that convicts even the saintliest of saints. These are the things that are all represented by a little white Church out in the country. You know, they're divinely special...

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