Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Time to Rodeo...

While the dust is still settled and before we begin, 
Take a moment with me please to honor our great nation.
She's the land who's revered all over the globe. 
From deep roots of faith and patriotism she's grown.
It wouldn't have been possible without men and women who've fought
and sacrificed their all for this freedom we've got.
Freedoms like Church on Sunday and public prayers,
speaking our minds and monuments in town squares. 
Freedom to enjoy nights filled with Western tradition.
We honor them now with deep appreciation.
As the flag circles the arena and the stripes whip in the breeze,
hold  your hands over your hearts for an extra moment please.
Do you feel that beat deep in your chest?
That's the pulse of American purpose woven deep in each of us.
So tonight we will ride for those who aren't able to,
because they're far away fighting so we can do what we do.
God be with each cowboy and cowgirl right now.
Help us to compete in life the same way how
we compete in this arena to do our very best
knowing that abiding in you is where we find true happiness. 
Help no hangups to be caused by malfunctioning riggin'
and the dirt to be just right so no livestock ends up slippin'. 
For safety, enjoyment and guidance we come. 
Help us to live for you through your son.
Once more we ask your hand on these women and men,
it's time to rodeo now, thanks Lord and amen!
- Trinity Lewis

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