Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day

Today is a day for fishing and play and for climbing rocks in the mountains.
Today is a day for tossing balls and swinging bats and helping to build a backyard fountain.
Today is a day to take the  hand of the man who shares half of your blood and DNA.
Today is the day to tell him thank you for the lessons, today is Fathers day.
Today is a day for sitting on laps, giving gifts of hats and on occasion a tie.
Today is a day for a special Sunday sermon, a meal cooked by his woman and followed with his favorite pie.
Today is a day for memory sharing and making more because of the fun things you've done and still do.
Today is a day not for crying but laughing, and telling  your Dad "I love you."
He's tall and he's short, he's old and he's young, he's fast and sometimes he's slow.
But he's the guy who's led and guided, and in him  you've confided he's Dad and he's our hero!
- Trinity Lewis

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