Thursday, June 13, 2013

Daddy's Girl

"Daddy, if you could be anyone who do you think you'd like to be?"
She'd ask me on a regular basis and then find a silly answer to tell me. 
"Daddy, will you tie my shoes and do you think you could paint my toes?"
I'd get them cinched up just fine but I couldn't ever polish like mommy does. 
"Do you think we could go riding today and could you saddle my horse?"
I'd be busy and work needed done but my answer was always, "Of course!"
"Daddy, I've made so many friends at school and there's even a boy that's cute."
Hearing that caused a knot in my throat, she was too young to buck outta that chute.
And the years began to fly by fast, but my little girl still came to me with conversation.
I treasured every moment and I'm glad I did because today is her college graduation. 
"Daddy will you come read to me?" something she always used to say.
Now my little girl is grown up but I can still see her look at me that way.
"Daddy, let me stand on your feet so I can learn to dance like you."
She's a young woman now and I'm proud to say she knows much more than I do. 
Here she comes in her cap and gown her tassel just turned from left to right.
For some reason this is harder than I thought and wet eyes blur my sight.
Go on little lady you'll achieve more than you could ever imagine, I know it's true.
But always remember, no one in the world will ever love you like I do. 

- Trinity Lewis

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