Tuesday, June 11, 2013


He's the man who always encouraged me to dream big and follow those dreams because "God made ordinary people to do extraordinary things. He's the fellow who would wake up at three in the morning to sit at his desk and do paperwork just so that he could have breakfast with our family and lead us in devotions.

I loved sitting in the bathroom and watching him shave because I thought shaving cream had to hold the same magic as whipped cream, garnish anything with it and the garnished would be absolutely delightful. I guess that was really true.

Even though he had four daughters he taught all 6 of his kids to drink black coffee and eat unpleasant foods because it "Puts hair on your chest." I still have not grown hair on my chest but I've developed a "healthy" appreciation for coffee that resembles tar. Other regulars were mutton, liver and onions for supper and oyster stew every Christmas (not the Rocky Mountain type although I've reserved a place for those in my food pyramid as well).

After working in law enforcement for 13 years we knew that any Kind of trouble we got into our dad would be phoned. Good incentive to keep your nose clean.

Daddy taught us that, no matter what animal herd or flock you saw, yours or just one along the road, you need to count every head of them because "Ranch kids should be used to the habit of counting."

Daddy is so right winged he throws the chicken's left wing to the dog but he will be the first to say one's political opinions don't matter if Christ isn't their foundation.

My dad taught me that hugs are special. You don't hug people because you've meant them once or twice or just because you respect them. Hugs should be saved for people who hold a special place in your heart.

Not only should hugs mean something, words outta mean something! Daddy is the one who revealed to me that politicians get away with all that they do because they have taken upon themselves the duty to skew words and vocabulary to such a degree that the average person feels unworthy to speak their mind.

He's the one who taught us how to fish, brought home Whitman's samplers every Valentine's day, made us feel like superstars when we sang and played our instruments and chased boys away but only if we asked him to. He walked me down the aisle and three sisters before me. He is one of the best Christians I know, has a phenomenal mind, caring hands, stern look and soft heart. There was a period when I thought I might grow "too cool" for him but I realized that I would always feel close to the man who was the first man in my life. He's my daddy.

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