Thursday, June 27, 2013

busy busy

Are we a lot less busy than we think we are?
Are we just living life like we're racing cars? 
Where each day we have the chance to get off the track
but we're worried then we'll be left back.
Do we really have time to go visit a friend
and call home every week or at least now and then?
Is it meetings to soccer to supper then bed
and is a slow, neighborly life just something of which we've read?
Do we decline invites because there's just too much to do
or do we go home when the work day is through
still feeling completely overwhelmed and baffled
like every moment of our life for a lottery was raffled?
That is the time we must stop where we are,
be it by our schedule book, at a meeting or in our car.
We must ask ourselves, am I even being effective
when of my schedule I'm so over protective.
I barely take time to come up for air
thus, I can't even fathom having time to share.
Then how do we love and how do we bond
if the next event in our lives is all we're waiting on?
If we allow life to manage us life will.
It'll be month after month making money and paying bills.
At the end of my life I hope I'll have more to say
than "I spent all my time trying to keep up with my day."
So if you have a second, schedule more seconds to take
time to visit with people you love and stop for a break.
Being effective in our communities and towns 
doesn't mean working in the office until the sun goes down.
It's about building relationships and caring for others before
your clock ticks it's last and you are no more. 
Just imagine if no friendships in your life were made
who will be there when in the ground you're laid? 
So today I'll invest some time even when out doing errands
to ask about someone's day and to offer a helping hand. 
And when that day comes and my life is annihilated
I hope I feel a township with the lives to whom I related. 
- Trinity Lewis

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