Friday, May 17, 2013

The Rope Swing

Summer is finally on its way and I really have been excited to soak in even the smallest rays of sun that have peeked through the clouds. I think back to the days of being just a small kid and often wonder what my mom was thinking letting all 6 of her hoodlums have free rein on the place. That warm weather was always so satisfying because after being cooped up on winter days and trudging through snow to help with chores, we all looked forward to barefoot, tree climbin' and adventure findin' weather.
One of my favorite memories took place in one of our long stone calving sheds that was built into the side of a hill. There was a nice double door on the west end so that's where we would stack our small square bales of hay to keep them out of the weather. One afternoon, like so many others, my older sister had a wonderful idea-we should build a rope swing! The concept was pretty basic. She climbed up in the rafters and tied what we thought was a sturdy enough rope around one of those heavy beams with a good combination of tight square knots. We then took a two by four and drilled a hole in the middle to attach it to the rope for our seat. Then we'd grab the swing and climb up on the very top of the haystack. My sister has never known fear so she climbed right on that rope and took a running swing from the haystack. Everything was working out just like we'd planned, the rope held up, the board was the perfect  size, she was floating through the air away from us, and then we realized our mistake. The fence between the haystack and the rest of the barn stood right in her way so when she swung back to us she hit it dead on.
I'm sure if she would have told me she did that on purpose, I would have believed her because in my eyes my big sisters knew all and could do no wrong. Anyway, we figured out technique for our swing that day in the barn and we made sure to show it off to all of our friends and visitors that summer. Rope swings, hay stacks and siblings, another great memory from life in the country. 

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