Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the difference

It's hard sometimes for folks who aren't for sure,
just how to tell the difference between a wife and her rancher.
Both have to slip into wranglers and both often wear hats,
both are good hands and understand chinks vs chaps.
So the difference you ask, well it's easy to see.
I'll make it real clear so you don't miss a thing.
When going out fencing one will grab a digger,
pliers and wire, posts, staples and tampin' bar.
The other of course will grab all of those things
but when it's high noon one begins to sing
a song of sorrow because he forgot any kind of lunch.
But the other has it covered she brought plenty to munch.
Then when they get home the distinctions follow too,
you can tell the rancher from his wife by the person who
takes all of the mud and dust inside on their boot heel.
The other will be tidy with hers so with the mud she won't have to deal.
But these aren't the only times the differences are plain,
in the weldin' shop they pop up again. 
He can make anything stick together real well 
but her bead is usually smoother even though she'd never tell. 
Extra gloves in the winter are packed by the Mrs.
Extra hours are put in when her day isn't done but his is. 
It's pretty rare that a rancher chooses to do all his own paper work.
He shouts with a technical question and she has to hold in a smirk. 
Now he has big muscles and no doubt he's a great worker,
but some things don't come natural for him like they do her. 
So the next time you look on a couple with confusion
just watch a little while and you'll identify the brains of the operation.  
- Trinity Lewis

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