Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...too small to make a change

A few nights ago I was talking to my aunt and, as often times happens, the topics of politics and the shape our country is in came up. Frustrated we talked about the corruption in our government and the ever increasing list of scams and fraud. We then decided that there was just nothing we could do to necessarily change our world. The best thing we can do is to do our best with what God leads us to do in our own lives, but that probably will go unnoticed anyway because we're just one person.
In that same conversation, only minutes later, she told me the story of a past co-worker who was abused by their spouse. She told me how amazing it was that the abuser not only ruined the life of the abused person but all of the people around them were influenced too because of the ripple effect that a broken home and hurt hearts has.
By saying that last part my aunt caused an epiphany. I realized that when people do an infamous deed or cause their family to live in a broken home or do people wrong in their community, everyone knows it and people are bitter because of that. Why would we assume that only the bad deeds we do go noticed? Just like the abuser my aunt talked about had reshaped the world around them, I can shape the world around me. Each time I listen to God's voice and reach out to someone or act for Him, I'm changing my world. Morale is becoming less rare every day but that doesn't mean it's okay for me to do away with. By simply treating people right I'm allowing God's love to flow from me.
God may be telling you to be a missionary in a foreign country, to run for a public office or to run a campaign of some kind that is world wide and revolutionary. The number of people who are led to do those things isn't always large. Until you hear God's calling in one of those areas chose to reach out for Him from right where you are at. Maybe it's watching your neighbor's small children while she runs to the store, helping a student wade through an assignment, taking someone to Church or inviting people over for a barbecue  God has put you on this earth to do a great purpose, don't ever underestimate the power of the way you are living your "small life."

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