Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Coffee vs. Christians

I sure do love a good cup of coffee. I never have liked it so dark that you can stand a horseshoe up in it, that's how my dad made it and he said it'd put hair on my chest but that still hasn't happened! I don't like it when it's so week that you can't figure out if it's coffee or cloudy sink water. I like my coffee right there in the middle. There was a period when a little bit of cream in my coffee was something I enjoyed but I quickly realized that if the coffee wasn't of good substance before I added the cream, no solute could improve the original solvent.
Isn't that how it is in our Christian walk as well? I'm not sure where we learned it from but many of us have this idea that we need to be a "good person." I've witnessed numerous times when a child or adolescence acted up and their mother let out a loud sigh and said, "I didn't raise them to be that kind of person." What we have to realize is that yes, children need to be nurtured and taught good morals and shown values by great role models. But no earthly deed or habit has the ability to change our heart condition. Ever since Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden, our hearts have been defected. We are missing something and that causes us to have a sinful nature. What we're missing is Christ.
No matter how much we try to doctor bad coffee, it's still bad coffee.The number of devotionals we read, self help courses we take or life changing conferences we attend doesn't matter. We need a new heart. Just like we can throw out a bad pot of coffee and make a fresh one that's of higher quality, when we invite Christ into our lives. That Biblical rebirth transforms us from a complete lost cause to a human who doesn't have to worry about being a good person because God knows that we are sinners and yet he is full of mercy and forgiveness.
If you're on a mission to change yourself, stop for a moment and make sure that Christ has done the changing He needs to do first. After you've fully dedicated yourself to Him, fruits will show that you never knew you'd be able to bear! 

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