Friday, May 3, 2013

So you wanna be a rancher?

Ranching isn't for everyone and it's not a life that all can love.
Before you jump on that bandwagon here're some things I'll warn you of.
Even though it has its good times when things are going great,
life isn't always easy gettin' meals from pasture to plate. 
I'd liken it to a full time job of sacrificial volunteering
even though it's all good stuff it's not always too enduring.
You might think it'd be easy to buy a cow and milk that idea for all it's worth
but udder flaws are in this theory, plus you've gotta feed her girth. 
You'll have to gain a sixth sense of consider-a-bull talent.
But maybe the cattle idea isn't all that you're looking at.
Sheep are also an option that folks think'll put money in their pocket book.
Unfortunately shepherds don't get staff discounts and bankers might view you as a crook. 
Don't get down hearted, there are many other areas to consider.
There's one that's really a growing business, just start selling fertilizer!
The manure spreading route isn't one I'd stand behind, 
then again we're different so I'm sure a fit for your passions you'll find.
You see ranchers get deranged sometimes, they should probably seek intervention.
So, yuppie, don't rush to buy land. Take your time and pray for some bovine-inspiration!

- Trinity Lewis

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