Monday, May 20, 2013

On the news...

On the news today there was a story about a father who pestered his three small children until finally, he took their lives.
What didn't make the news? The numerous fathers around the country who spent all day working hard to earn enough money so that their children can have the best life. These fathers then went home and played catch with their kids, told them stories and helped their mother get everyone up to the table for supper.

On the news today punk teenagers tore apart a downtown building that was treasured by their community. They also found the owner of the building and beat him until he could no longer open his eyes or stand up.
What didn't make the news? Young people all over the country who have determined hearts and great aspirations. They're busy working as interns, maybe even for no pay but they're earning experience so that someday soon they'll be the experts in the area they love. These young people are contributing to society in a great way by carrying on the tradition of industrialism and hard work that are a direct result of their good character.

On the news today food stamp abuse was reported as being at its highest point ever. Completely able bodied people are taking the easy way out and, unfortunately, their self worth is on a steady decline and crime is on a steady incline.
What didn't make the news? The various people struggling to make ends meet but making it happen. No, they don't have the nicest things but they know that the harder they work the luckier they get. Their kids share hand-me-downs and she shops for sales on groceries. They do very much enjoy their simple life though and understand that love grows best in little houses.

On the news today there was a story about a celebrity couple who were married for only two hours before running to the court house and filing for divorce.
What didn't make the news? Couples spread from the east coast to the west coast battling society's idea that marriage isn't something special that ought to be treasured. These couples spent the day encouraging one another, doing small things to help the other out and displaying to all that the love shared between a husband and wife is something rare that brings complete delight to those involved.

On the news today a foreign country made threats to turn ours into a sea of fire.
What didn't make the news? The numerous missionaries in other countries and those missionaries in our own communities who are extending a hand to neighbors of all kinds to show them that love and relationships are irreplaceable.

It sure is easy to get caught up in the evening reports and to be discouraged as a result. But these one in a million happenstances shouldn't define how our lives are lived. We can either be the kinds of people who make the negative news or we can be movers and shakers living a life with a purpose in our community, which are you?

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